Cookham Dean Cricket Club - CDCC Code of Conduct

Cookham Dean Cricket Club strives to offer both the facilities and atmosphere that allow our members and visitors to enjoy cricket to the fullest possible extent.
The players of Cookham Dean CC are committed to playing the game in a fair and competitive manner, with complete respect for both the laws and spirit of the game of cricket. As players, we will at all times:
• Play the game according the laws and spirit of the game
• Respect the umpires, comply with their instructions and accept their decision without question
• Respect our playing opponents and extend our welcome, sportsmanship and hospitality to them
• Play for the Club above all else, putting the Club’s success and reputation ahead of personal achievements
• Respect and support our Captains, whose responsibility it is to ensure our teams play within the laws and spirit of the game
• Be punctual for games and correctly dressed
• Support the Club by prompt payment of subscriptions and match fees
• Set a positive example to the Club’s Junior Members at all times