Under 9 boys - further information
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1. Under 9 boys - further information

School year - 4
Segment - participation - Softball
Equipment needed - preferably a plastic or wooden bat (nothing more)

4 stations concentrating on 4 different skills - typically:

1). Batting
- Drop feeds / feeding each other - learning 4 shots:
Sweeps, Front foot drive, Pull and the hugely fun Jos Butler style "Ramp" shot!
- Backing up, effective running between the wickets - learn the art of calling for a run.

2). Bowling
- Learning to "bound" into the crease, "load up" their hands before bowling, align their feet to the target and follow through in a straight line.
Followed by game of target bowling or "golden child".

3). Fielding
- higher and harder catches - solid base - learn fingers pointing up and down
- throwing technique - wide base, front arm to the target, feet alignment - back leg on the ground at point of release. Throw hard!
- Perfect the art of the "long barrier" position, pick up and throw.

4). Game / match play
Fun games such a diamond cricket / non-stop cricket but also an introduction to a real game - walking in, throwing at the stumps, running between the wickets etc.

At the under 9 age group our teams play in softball pairs matches. These are fully inclusive and great fun for all involved. Emphasis on participation and not winning.