Under 9 and 11 girls - further information
Under 9 and Under 11 girls section 1 of 3

1. Under 9 and 11 girls - further information

School years - 4-6
Segment - participation - Softball
Equipment needed - nothing (some players like to bring their own bats)

We like to introduce lots of game based drills and skills in this section.
Diamond cricket, non-stop cricket, "golden child", heaven or hell etc are amongst many games that will be played.

Of course there will be emphasis on the 3 main skills:

1). Batting
- Drop feeds / feeding each other - learning 4 shots:
Sweeps, Front foot drive, Pull and the hugely fun Jos Butler style "Ramp" shot!

2). Bowling
- Learning to "bound" into the crease, "load up" their hands before bowling, align their feet to the target and follow through in a straight line.

3). Fielding
- solid base - learn fingers pointing up and down
- throwing technique - wide base, front arm to the target, feet alignment - back leg on the ground at point of release. Throw hard!

Assuming there is a desire to do so, our U9 and U11 girls section can be entered into various softball tournaments in the area. We can also arrange friendlies against other local teams.