Under 11 boys - further information
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1. Under 11 boys - further information

School year - 5 and 6
Segment - participation - Hardball
Equipment needed - bats, pads, box, gloves, helmet and ball (can be supplied by the club if needed)
(Year 5 can still play softball / incrediball if required. If a child is unsure, there is no pressure at this stage to go to hardball).

At this age group, especially with year 5s, they will need to get used to wearing all normal protective equipment and using hard ball. (Although it is perfectly fine for those wanting to remain with softball / incrediball to do so).

Training on Friday evenings will be mainly nets based but there will also be practice matches where the coaches feel necessary.

1). Batting
Learning to choose which ball to play one of the3 main shots of sweeps, Front foot drive and Pull. Introducing back foot straight bat shots, reverse sweeps and having the courage to play "Ramp" shots"

2). Bowling
- Using the run up in a straight line to gather pace towards the crease - a good bound, correct alignment and following through to the target.
Introducing the arts of swing and seam.

3). Fielding
- Getting confident in catching a hardball - solid base - learn fingers pointing up and down. Introducing the art of slip catching/
- throwing technique - wide base, front arm to the target, feet alignment - back leg on the ground at point of release.

4). Game / match play
Full size matches - normally in pairs format - conditioned to make them fun and engaging.

At the under11 age group our teams play hardball pairs matches. Here we introduce our very important Code of CDCC: