Under 13 boys - further information
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1. Under 13 boys - further information

School year - 7 and 8
Segment - Development - Hardball
Equipment needed - bats, pads, box, gloves, helmet and ball

Training on Friday evenings - 6.40pm to 7.40pm - match-play - starting 19th April 2024
Tues evenings - 5.30pm to 6.45pm - technical - net session - starting 23rd April 2024

Whilst the U13 age group have a technical net (hardball) session on Tuesday evenings, the match-play session on Friday evenings is equally as important. This will be semi-hard ball sessions (incrediball) where players will learn all about game awareness and the art of being a "smart" cricketer. These are hugely important sessions and here we introduce our very important Code of CDCC:


Our Tuesdays sessions will include;

1). Batting
Decision making - learning to choose which ball to play one of the 3 main shots of sweeps, Front foot drive and Pull. Introducing back foot straight bat shots, reverse sweeps and having the courage to play "Ramp" shots"

2). Bowling
- Using the run up in a straight line to gather pace towards the crease - a good bound, correct alignment and following through to the target.
Introducing the arts of swing, seam and spin.
Ensuring you have the correct field set to your bowling.

3). Fielding
- Increasing confidence in catching a hardball - solid base - fingers pointing up and down. Taking catches from different angles.
Introducing the art of slip / close catching.
- throwing technique - wide base, front arm to the target, feet alignment - back leg on the ground at point of release. Introducing differing throwing techniques depending on how far you are from the wicket. Throwing from different angles. Throw hard!

On match days the U13s play full 20 over matches