Under 15 Colts section - boys 1 of 3

1. Under 15 boys - further information

School year - 9 and 10
Segment - Development- Hardball
Equipment needed - bats, pads, box, gloves, helmet and ball

Tues evenings - 6.45pm to 8pm - technical - net session - starting Tues 23rd April 2024

Under 15s should continue to learn our code of CDCC:


Our Tuesdays sessions will include;

1). Batting
Adding more shots to their repertoire
Decision making - learning to choose to play the right shot to the right ball.

2). Bowling
- Using the run up in a straight line to gather pace towards the crease - a good bound, correct alignment and following through to the target.
Using the art of swing, seam and spin.
Ensuring you have the correct field set to your bowling.

3). Fielding
Taking catches from different angles.
Slip / close catching.
Learning differing throwing techniques depending on how far you are from the wicket. Throwing from different angles.

On match days the U15s play full 20 over matches